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60~100M USB Extender
Product Name:60~100M USB Extender

Product No:19159-901
Was Price:195Dollar/PCS Now Price:185Dollar/PCS
Last update:2012.04.28
Manufacturer:USB Extender-DIPO
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USB Extender

USB ExtenderUSB ExtenderUSB Extender

USB Extender


  USB extender,keyboard and mouse can be extended 60 to 120 meters,other equipment can be extended 60 meters,USB 1.1 signal,compatible USB 2.0,can connect any USB peripherals,such as keyboard,mouse,camera,card reader,mobile HDD,printer,scaner and so on,has single,multi port and also has USB and PS/2 hybridinterface.each set includes two equipment,one for sending,the other for receiving,contecting over one UTP cat5e/6 cable.among these products,100U,150U,50UPS has external power port,when the equipment hasn't enough power can contect to 5V external power


* Allows you to connect USB device to your computer at a distance of up to 196.8ft, with the help of a Cat5/Cat5e/Cat6 patch cable (not included)
* Ideal solution for connecting USB device over long distance. Eg. Webcam, Keyboard, Mouse, Printer, Security Camera, etc.
* Simple and Cost Effective
* No software required, plug n play
Package Included:
1 x Connector with USB Type A Male, RJ45 Female
1 x Connector with USB Type A Female, RJ45 Female
USB Extender
USB Extender