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600MHZ 2Port VGA Splitter
Product Name:600MHZ 2Port VGA Splitter

Product No:131017-325
Was Price:120Dollar/pcs Now Price:110Dollar/pcs
Last update:2012.04.13
Manufacturer:KVM Switch,VGA Splitter,HDMI,USB,Media Converter,DIPO典派
   product details

2 Port VGA Splitter
1)Bandwidth: 600MHz
2)Signal amplification
3)Resolusion: 2048*1536@60HZ
4)Support XGA,VGA,SVGA

2 Port VGA Splitter

2 Port VGA Splitter

2 Port VGA Splitter

600MHZ VGA  Splitter:

We first R & D and production of 600MHZ Video splitter factories in China, this series of distributor is in the market on bandwidth the highest VGA distributor, can easily support a projector, a big outdoor screen, and military command system for video amplification equipment, its video effects and HDMI HD compared to the United States, in the practical application of more than HDMI distributor for VGA, wire in wiring process than HDMI more convenient, but also farther transmission distance.

Packaging & Delivery Packaging Detail: colorful box + carton
Delivery Detail: about a week after the payment

1)Specifi cations Bandwidth: 600MHz;
2)Signal amplification
3)Resolusion: 2048*1536;
4)Support XGA,VGA,SVGA,and Multisync monitors;
5)Daisy chainable

8Port Video Splitter , when it comes to amplifying 8 video from 1 computers, display at the same time and same Video,the Video Splitter is  the device to use.
Features and Benefits:

· Split a CPU signal to 4 monitors, projections or other video outputs
· Cascade operation available
· Crystal clear video, up to 2048x1536
· Power supply :DC 5V/2A;
· Can extend CPU and monitor up to 213FT

2 Port VGA Splitter

2Port Video Splitter 600MHZ