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USB+PS/2 8Port KVM Switch
Product Name:USB+PS/2 8Port KVM Switch

Product No:154050-654
Was Price:1800Dollar/pcs Now Price:1700Dollar/pcs
Last update:2012.04.16
Manufacturer:KVM Switch,Video Splitter,HDMI,USB,DIPO典派
   product details

USB+PS/2 8Port KVM Switch

8Port PS/2 KVM Switch

8Port USB KVM Switch USB+PS/2 Input and Output
2.bandwidth 300 MHZ 2048x1536

 USB+PS/2 8Port KVM SwitchUSB+PS/2 8Port KVM SwitchUSB+PS/2 8Port KVM SwitchUSB+PS/2 8Port KVM SwitchUSB+PS/2 8Port KVM Switch

Combo console kvm switch ,USB+PS/2 the mixtures connect to cut over a machine,importation the exportation all support USB and PS/2 keyboard mouses,extremely high repeatedly 300 MHZ bandwidth, the extremely high resolution is the biggest to support 2048 ×1536 Support Windows, NT, UNIX, LINUX, NOVELL,DOS various systems.Support heat's putting to pull out, can at will increase or decrease a computer and don't need to be shut down.Cut over a way:

1.The key cuts over;
2.The keyboard hot key cuts over
3.Biggest explain a rate:2048 ×1536.
4.bandwidth 300 MHZ
5.Have an auto to scan function(partition time is 8)
USB+PS/2 8Port KVM Switch
USB+PS/2 8Port KVM Switch