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15M USB2.0 extension cable
Product Name:15M USB2.0 extension cable

Product No:111626-657
Was Price:125Dollar/PCS Now Price:115Dollar/PCS
Last update:2012.04.28
Manufacturer:KVM Switch,Video Splitter,HDMI,USB,DIPO典派
   product details

15M USB2.0 extension cable

15M USB2.0 extension cable15M USB2.0 extension cable
1. USB2.0 extension cable,IC in the port
2.Blister or Plastic Packing
3.USB2.0 transfer rate,having 16.4ft cable can be extended to 49.2ft.

4.can contect any USB peripherals,such as keyboard,mouse,camera,card reader,mobile HDD,WIFI,printer,Scaner and so on.

*USB 2.0 specification compliant
*Maximum cable length: 15 metres
*Data transfer rate up to
*True plug and play
*No external power require
*USB A male type to USB A female type
*Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/VISTA/WIN7 and more...



 DP-5U  DP-10U  DP-15U  DP-20U DP-25U   DP-30U

Extension cable


 16.4ft(5M)  32.8ft(10M)  49.2ft(15M)  65.6ft(20M)  82ft(25M)  98.4ft(30M)

 Maximum extension


  32.8ft(10M)   32.8ft(10M)   49.2ft(15M)   49.2ft(15M)   49.2ft(15M)   98.4ft(30M)
 Daisy chainable yes  yes  yes  yes  yes  yes
  PC port connector  USB A/M  USB A/M  USB A/M  USB A/M  USB A/M  USB A/M
  End port connector  USB A/F   USB A/F   USB A/F   USB A/F   USB A/F   USB A/F
 Weight (Kg)            

15M USB2.0 extension cable15M USB2.0 extension cable