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PS/2 KVM Cable
Product Name:PS/2 KVM Cable

Product No:12447-765
Was Price:25Dollar/PCS Now Price:18Dollar/PCS
Last update:2012.06.04
Manufacturer:KVM Switch,VGA Splitter,HDMI,USB,Media Converter,DIPO典派
   product details

PS/2 KVM Cable

1.8-15m 3 in 1 KVM Cable with high quality for computer

PS/2 KVM Cable

PS/2 KVM Cable

3-in-1 KVM cable, PS/2&VGA,Dual PS/2 male and 1 VGA male to female.KVM cable used to connect monitor ,keyboard,mouse.

1), A user connects a monitor ,keyboard, and mouse to the KVM device,then uses special cables(generally usb & vga) to connect the KVM device to the computer.

2),Control is switched from one computer to another by using  a switch or buttons on the KVM device,with the KVM passing the signals between the computers and the keyboard ,mouse and monitor depending on which computer is currently selected.

3),Most electronic devices also allow control to be switched through keyboard commands.

4),Designed to deliver excellent video performance at high resolutions

5)OEM/ODM service is allright.