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ip camera
Product Name:ip camera

Product No:162525-116
Was Price:380Dollar/PCS Now Price:300Dollar/PCS
Last update:2012.06.09
Manufacturer:KVM Switch,VGA Splitter,HDMI,USB,Media Converter,DIPO典派
   product details

ip camera

ip camera,ir ipcam DP-IPC100
1,High definition camera
2,easy to install,easy to use

ip camera

Available Product :
 ip camera,ir DP-IPC100
Wireless WIFI,IEEE802.11B/G(optional)

Compression format:Motion-JPEG

Signal system:CMOS 300,000pixel


Audio:two-way prononciation sound processor built-in,Support sound monitoring

P/T:00-2700 pan movement,900vertical rotation

Night vision:Φ5*10IR,Night vision 8M

Support RTSP 3G cell phone monitor

IE software support 1,4,9 image segmentation,centralized management

software supports 64 image segmentation

Free DDNS bunded i,e,http://abcd,

Shape:Celling hemisphere,ABS Engineering Plastic and Indoor use.

ip camera

ip camera

ip camera