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250MHZ 4Port VGA Splitter
Product Name:250MHZ 4Port VGA Splitter

Product No:102755-123
Was Price:110Dollar/pcs Now Price:100Dollar/pcs
Last update:2012.04.13
Manufacturer:KVM Switch,Video Splitter,HDMI,USB,DIPO典派
   product details

4Port VGA Splitter
1)Bandwidth: 250MHz
2)Signal amplification
3)Resolusion: 1920*1440@60HZ
4)Support XGA,VGA,SVGA

4Port VGA Splitter

4Port VGA Splitter

4Port VGA Splitter

4Port Video Splitter , when it comes to amplifying 4 video from 1 computers, display at the same time and same Video,the Video Splitter is  the device to use.
Features and Benefits:

· Split a CPU signal to 4 monitors, projections or other video outputs
· Cascade operation available
· Crystal clear video, up to 1920 x 1440
· Power supply :DC 5V/1A;
· Can extend CPU and monitor up to 213FT

4Port VGA Splitter
4Port VGA Splitter