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2Port USB KVM Switch
Product Name:2Port USB KVM Switch

Product No:124453-826
Was Price:150Dollar/pcs Now Price:140Dollar/pcs
Last update:2012.04.16
Manufacturer:KVM Switch,Video Splitter,HDMI,USB,DIPO
   product details

2Port USB KVM Switch

2Port USB KVM Switch(Plastic)

PS/2 manual KVM switcher,one set of keyboard,mouse,display can contorl two and more hosts,DVR,server

KVM Switches,a set of keyboard,mouse,video can control eight hosts,DVR,server,Combo console kvm switcher , support USB or PS/2 hybrid input and outputsupport higher bandwidth and resolution,it is the biggest bandwidth switches in the market.
Support DOS,Win3.X,Win95/98/99SE/2000/ME/XP/WinNT/Netware/Unix/Linux/MAC
simulating keyboard and mouse function,auto scan function,buzzer sound,support hot plug.
switching modehotkey or manual button switching
input port :8HDDR/F
output port:HDDR/F+PS/2+USB

Each set includes one switcher,one manual and eight data 1.5meter cables