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                                   DIPO ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD

    DIPO,Since access to global information sharing equipment market,special in developing computer peripherals/mobile peripherals/optical peripherals/camera peripherals products,DIPO independent research and develop of a series of products with stable, energy saving, long life, good at anti-interference effect,less electromagnetic radiation have won the high-end clients all over the world.DIPO all series of products have been through strict testing progress and factory testing.DIPO repair rate only be 0.5‰,far lower than 1% average of the same industry.since 2006,DIPO all series of products have been producing more than 1million sets,through distributors and international trading companies are sold to all over the world,40% of them are OEM and ODM orders,60% of them are DIPO owm brand(Registered),and grows at the rate of 30% every year to occupy the high-end global market!

    DIPO all series of products can be used in military command system/multimedia teaching system/meeting system/video monitoring system/remote auxiliary system/internet cafes management system/medical equipment monitoring system/high-speed railway broadcast system/bus video broadcast and monitoring system/neighborhood broadcast and commercial advertising system/computer room management system and even more audio&video switches/splitter/sharing/extender/divider/amplifier and so on.

    DIPO is the world's few leading manufacturers, from entry level to enterprise-class full KVM product line manufacturers and also provide a wide range of connection sharing solutions,Such as the KVM computer switches, USBKVM automatic switch, PS/2KVM automatic switch, the USBKVM manual switch, PS/2KVM manual switch,HDMI audio and video switches, VGA switch,USB Switches, HDMI audio and video splitter, VGA video splitter, VGA video and audio distributor, the distributor of the VGA / AV, AV / VGA video and audio matrix, VGA matrix, HDMI matrix, HDMI / VGA / AV audio and video matrix, USB2.0, USB3.0 converter, expansion card, USB2.0/USB3.0 printer automatically,USB 2.0 manual sharing, VGA sharing, VGA with remote sharing, USB extender, USB extension cable, USB 2.0 extender, USB 2.0 extension cable, USB 3.0 extension cable, HDMI extension amplifier, VGA extension amplifier, KVM switches, extenders, digital audio to analog audio, analog audio to digital audio, VGA to AV, AV to VGA, USB to VGA, USB to HDMI, HDMI to VGA, VGA to HDMI, AV / VGA to HDMI, iPad, iPhone peripheral products and other fancy and digital products.

    DIPO,long-term adherences to the spirit of research and innovation, not only has high productivity, can develope  nearly 20 new products each year,become the target of the same industry try to copy and catch up with, as changing in domestic and international markets, DIPO typical has done good completely prepared, not only join to a comprehensive enterprise-class KVM market,introducing forward-looking products at any time to meet the diverse needs of consumers in any region.

    Facing the tremendous changes in  information industry  and the severe challenges of the market In recent  years,DIPO will be still continue to improve the exsisted percentage of sales based on steady innovation, and it also will creat all kinds of different future products and strenghten the promotion and sevices from limitless creation to maintain the market competition superiority

    DIPO hope to through the sharing  technology,continue to based on the spirit of "simplified " to creat a convenient and circulated  new digital world.To liberatbeour human beings from the complexity of the management system, thus it will let all people can work happily, happy to enjoy working,achieve the light-hearted and freedom of human world.

       DIPO 2012.04.18
       DIPO 2012.04.18
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